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Medical is an important sector for Next Axis, but not just in terms of volume of work: machining parts that help people and potentially improve their quality of life is something we find extremely rewarding, making the sector one we are truly proud to work in. The technical knowledge the team has acquired through working closely with numerous customers in this field has resulted in the company developing both modern manufacturing methods and the skills to assist with product design.

Next Axis’ extensive expertise in machining a range of materials, including titanium, cobalt chrome, tungsten, stainless steel and plastics, allows its customers to focus on the design of the product, knowing that the technicalities of the machining are in safe hands.

In-house expertise, attention to detail and a thorough quality inspection system makes Next Axis an ideal precision engineering partner for the medical sector.

Next Axis has experience with the following projects:

  • Orthopaedic Implants
  • Spinal Mesh Implants
  • Trauma Implants
  • Oncology Components
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Contract Medical Manufacturing
  • Operating Table Components